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The Perfect Range For Pet Products

Guide for pet lovers, who want to buy the best products for their furry friends and have a happy home.

Choosing Registered Cavapoo Breeders

When you decide to purchase a puppy, it is important to know where the dog came from and who bred it. A reputable breeder will have their dogs registered with one of the many registries that exist for specific breeds. This means that the puppy has been inspected by a veterinarian and checked for any […]
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10 Myths Surrounding Cats

There’s a plethora of myths and superstitions surrounding cat’s history and present existence. Most rumors have been easily debunked over the years, especially older superstitions around bad luck. But not all the myths have been found false, so The Refined Feline has the info on what’s true and what’s false. Myth #1: Pregnant Women Shouldn’t […]
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Which Dog Breed Is Best For Families

With so many dog breeds to choose from it is likely you are confused about which dog will be the perfect addition to your family. Honestly, there are many dogs that are great for families. But your environment makes a big difference when making the choice. You see, some dogs prefer open spaces like farms […]
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Can Cats Get Kennel Cough

Cats can contract kennel cough just as dogs can. Kennel cough is a highly contagious respiratory infection that affects the nose, throat, and lungs. Symptoms of kennel cough in cats include coughing, sneezing, eye discharge, and a runny nose. While kennel cough is not typically fatal in cats, it can cause serious health problems if […]
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Alleviate Pain Of Your Beloved Pet – At Home Or Vet Clinic Euthanasia

Humans and pets have a pure and special bond. Pets provide love, comfort, joy and emotional support to us and they become a part of our family. When their health begins to deteriorate pet euthanasia is the best option. Pet euthanasia means putting your pet to sleep without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Pet euthanasia […]
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Heartworm, How It Affects Your Pet: Symptoms of It

Having a dog at home sometimes becomes the task of responsibility as we have to know about the diseases that can affect the dog. Heartworms are the common illness that dog suffers from. Heartworm is the parasite that enters by the bite of the mosquito so dogs are on the more risk that lives in […]
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Best Tips for Dealing with Dog Separation Anxiety

After a long day at work, you are welcomed at home by a jumping, spinning whirlwind of energy. Your dog is excited to see you and follows you wherever you go. You discover that he has chewed on your favorite pair of shoes and anything else that was handy. You once again receive a complaint […]
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Pamper pets with a warm and comfortable bed

Everyone likes to have pets and some basic things are required for maintaining the pets. These basic things include better pet food, bowls, harness and beds in many cases. There are certain things that are to be considered before buying beds for pet because comfort factor must be present. The size of bed must also […]
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5 Most Trusted Puppy Food Brands in the UAE

Puppies will need the right care at the right time to boost their immune system and overall health. They need the healthiest food to help them grow up vibrant, strong and healthy. Here are the fivebest puppy food brands you can buy if you are in the United Arab Emirates. 1. Royal Canin Royal Canin […]
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9 Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy And Safe This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, it is important that you keep your pet healthy and keep them prevented from fleas and you should check for it. Learning about animal pharmacy and other protective measures for your pets are great things to do in order to keep your pets secure and protected from anything harmful. Below […]
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