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WOSB Certification…Get an Edge by Becoming Officially a Woman-Owned Small Business

Historically, federal governments have been biased towards male-owned businesses. This bias has resulted from many factors, including the prevalence of male-owned companies, the preference for male-owned firms by political officials, and the lack of awareness of the potential value of women-owned businesses. Women-owned businesses are not such the rare oddity that they are often portrayed […]
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What is a CAGE code lookup?

You may have been asked for your CAGE code if you have tried to work for the US government. A CAGE code is a five-digit identifier assigned to various government agencies’ suppliers. The acronym “CAGE” stands for Commercial and Government Entity. A CAGE code is required for all companies who wish to do business with […]
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Statement of Capability…This is What a Capability Statement is All About

So, you’re running a small to medium business, you’ve heard that the federal government is actively looking to do business with companies like yours, and you want to get in on that action. But everyone keeps talking about needing a “statement of capability” to bid on projects. You’ve been meaning to ask someone what that […]
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Making Money and Succeeding in Federal Government Contracts

In the USA, there is a well-established set of processes to allow businesses of any size to bid on federal government contracts to become government contractors. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is responsible for ensuring that small businesses have a level playing field to compete for government contracts, while larger firms may look at GSA […]
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SDVOSB — Roughly the Most Powerful Set-Aside for Federal Contracting

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Contract Consulting — What is it and why would I ever need it?

Contract consulting is a set of strategies and tasks built into a singular service that can help you win contracts more efficiently and with less red tape to deal with.  You might have the greatest [insert industry here] company ever, but if you don’t follow the protocols and proven best ways to win you will […]
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