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Top Tips to Select the Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai

 The experience of buying or selling a property depends majorly on the real estate agent. Whether you are looking to sell or buy property in Dubai or any other city, you need to pay attention when it comes to the selection of real estate agents.

If you are new to home buying/selling or renting in the city of gold i.e. Dubai and want to make no mistake in selecting the best real estate agent, we have got you covered. Have a look at some of the key tips you need to know about when selecting an agent:

Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate in asking questions during your first meeting with the agent. It doesn’t need to be a casual conversation rather treat it as a job interview where you are the hiring manager and they are the applicant. Just like the manager doesn’t hire an employee until they aren’t fully satisfied, you will have to adopt the same practice.

Make sure you have your share of homework in advance and prepared a list of questions to be asked. These can be related to their sales history, their work procedure, and how much experience they have in the field.

Check their Online Presence

There is hardly any business entity, in today’s time, that is surviving without having an online presence. Companies that have been operating for decades are now online to reach their potential customers. Therefore, it makes sense to check the online presence of a real estate agent you are in talks with. Go through their website and social media feed. The latter particularly tells a lot about the reputation a real estate agent has earned among their clients.

While doing through the social media feed of an agent, you may come across reviews and testimonials from ‘real’ clients. The focus here is on the word real as most of the reviews that are highlighted are fake.

Verify their Details

Never trust a real estate agent in Dubai if you are unable to verify their details. There are high chances of becoming prey to a scam or fraud. Ensure that they are registered with the Dubai Land Department and have a valid broker ID.

Reach Out to Their Past Clients

Another way to decide whether to hire a real estate agent or not is to reach out to their past clients. You can directly ask the agent for this. They can give you written references from their past clients. These references also include their contact details. So, you can contact them and get the required information. Do not forget to ask them if they would hire the agent in question again. The answer to this question will tell you a lot of things about their services.

Create a Trustworthy Rapport with Them

While it is recommended to not be very casual during the first meeting and maintain a serious stanch, make a point to build a trustworthy rapport with them during the subsequent meetings. The key here is communication. Pay close attention to how they respond to your queries and keep the conversation going. Moreover, keep a tab on their marketing practices as well. Ask them for ways how they market their properties and talk about other aspects of buying and selling. This will help to break the ice and build a trustworthy rapport.

Look for an Area Expert

If you want to put your property for sale or buy one in a particular neighborhood, look for an agent that specializes in that area. As they are more aware of the opportunities in that area, they can prove to be more helpful for you as compared to other agents. You can ask the real estate agent you are in talks with whether they specialize in that particular neighborhood or not. If they don’t, ask them to refer you to other agents who work there. Typically, real estate agents have connections with their peers and competitors. They can refer you to someone who works in the area you are looking to buy or sell a home.

Final Thoughts

A golden rule you must follow is to talk with at least three agents before finalizing one. As it is a big decision to sell your home or buy a new one, do not take it lightly and make a hasty decision. Take your time to select the best real estate agent to secure a profitable deal. 

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 The business sector has developed by leaps and bounds in the contemporary era. It is earning profits at a scale that was almost unimaginable in the past centuries. The online sales industry earned a couple of trillion US dollars in 2018, not million and not even billion. I don't even know how many zeros does a trillion have?

Regardless, you do understand my point, which is that if you want to earn a handsome income, you need to step into the business world. Doing so as an employee may seem like a good option as well, but an employee's salary will not be anywhere close to the entrepreneur's profits.

Let us take the example of lawyers, and a law school graduate joins a law firm as an associate with the ambition of making a partner in the firm. A partner would basically be a part-owner, and he would have a share in the profits and bear the risks as well.

So, you see even the employees wish to be an owner, no matter in what sense. People want to immerse themselves in the business sector so desperately that taking on installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders does not seem like a burden. However, you have to have desire and passion if you do decide to become a businessperson, as that is the sole driving force of a company. Without passion, you are just ordinary, and you never hear tales of the ordinary.

The entire business world is profitable if you can capitalize on the market appropriately. However, some sectors are more fruitful to the owner than others. Let us, now, throw the limelight on the most prospective business avenues.


The first on the list of profitable business ventures is that of accounting and book-keeping. Let me tell you why this is an important business. A book-keeper keeps the financial records of a business straight, from bills payable to the receivables, he will keep track of every transaction. This way the business owners who have hired him will know where the money is being utilized.

A business with a weak finance recording system is set for failure, and if there is an official audit by the government on it, then it is most definitely doomed. A book-keeper helps avoid such a scenario. Since every business on the planet needs their services, this business has a universal client base. On average, a book-keeper charges around 40 to 60 pounds an hour. Now multiply that figure to the number of hours a day and number of working days in a year, the value you will get would give you a fair idea about the profitability of this business.


People, today, have far more money to expend than in the past. So, they spend it on things that will make them happy. And what gives you more happiness than being in your home, maybe your office? I think that does contribute to your satisfaction as well. As a result, people try to make these two places as pristine, beautiful and warm as they possibly can.

However, on the creativity front, most of us do not do very well. Hence, the need is for interior designers. These are people with a creative flair who make it their mission to make your home and office space as beautiful as it can be. It is a business that is quite under-rated, but that is what makes it more lucrative. There is not much competition.


Next is the online trading business. Everyone knows the story of Jeff Bezos, the father of online sales and the owner of the e-commerce mega-giant Amazon. Amazon's revenue for the year 2019 was a jaw-dropping 280.5 billion US dollars. Even if you earn 0.35% of this value, you would still have a billion dollars in sales.

The online sales market is booming because people do not prefer to go out much, and they do not have the time either. For an e-commerce business, you need an online portal and stock, no need for an office when you can work just as quickly from your bedroom. You must have seen numerous ads on Instagram and Facebook with multiple lenders trying to sell you their products. Throw in a discount offer, and you would have customers running your way, it is that simple.

You know people have an innate tendency of celebrating when they feel delighted. It could be their nuptials that they want to celebrate, the first birthday of their daughter, a college degree, a new beginning of life and saying farewell to the past or their grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. People love to celebrate. These celebrations are too much work for a single person. So the party planners take on this responsibility from your shoulders, for a fee of course.

The planners take care of everything. They do from the food to the decorations, from guest seating to centerpieces, each detail is diligently worked on. Remember the Royal Wedding, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan looked like a dream. Her wedding was nothing short of a fairytale. And who do you think made that possible, a wedding and party planner, the Royal Family would not have done it themselves, they have more important things to manage throughout their days.

I could talk about these four categories, but there are a lot more businesses that can give you profits like no other. For a company to become successful, more than choosing the sector and more than having an adequate investment, the owner's heart and soul is required. If the business has that, its success is inevitable.

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Bargain out How Guest Blogging Improves SEO

 A traveler walking a blog — additionally called visitor posting — is that the exercise of contributing a placed the maximum amount as each different man or woman’s blog name to construct relationships, exposure, authority, and hyperlinks.

Visitor running a blog establishes a relationship with the blogger internet hosting your placed up, faucets into their audience for extra exposure, and facilitates you to determine authority among an audience.

Inbound Links
the number one effect traveler blogging could have in your internet web site’s program optimization is thru your web site on line’s hyperlink profile and guest blog service. As you're contributing to new internet sites, you would like to relaxed new links on new internet sites (in which you create contributions you placed up).

Inbound links are one among the utmost important ranking factors in program optimization and perhaps for the foreseeable destiny.

In this section, I can explain a fashion to use the hyperlinks you earn from guest blog service to beautify your SEO method.

Link Placement
preferably, your hyperlink probably placed inside the frame of the item, applicable to the encircling context and assisting the component.

Tourist posts also commonly have a biographical paragraph that speaks about your history and/or your enterprise. Generally, the author includes a link explaining their background inside the bio.

This is fine, but you need to be inclined to ask the blogger for a link within the article’s frame, especially, if it serves rate to the put up, the reader, guest blog service and makes enjoy context.

Why maybe a Link inside the Body Essential?
It creates an additional natural hyperlink – for the reader, on your website, and wishes to assist your position up. It’s not effective better, for SEO, however, it's much more likely to actually click with the useful resource of readers.

Anchor Textual Content In SEO
the anchor text during a link is that the phrases hyperlinked.

There is someone of kind sorts of anchor text:

Key-Word Rich:
The precise keyword you would like to rank for i.e. “link building company”, “link building employer”, “link building service”.

Partial Fit:
A bit of the precise keyword, you would like to rank for, i.e. “a website one strength may be a hyperlink building firm”, “this company who makes a specialty of links”, blogs sales then forth.

Anchor textual content clues SERPs like Google and customers alike into what the online page is prepared, and may need a huge impact on rankings. As an example, if you would like a positive website to rank for ‘social media marketing’ on Google, then you actually might get to have many links thereupon particular anchor word.

However, it's not as clean as inclusive of your keyword in each link — in the other case, Google will view your link acquisition efforts as manipulative.

its miles not possible that each one folk used the equal anchor word to hyperlink on your internet website. As for how to create hyperlinks with an herbal profile of anchor text, you would like to possess hyperlinks that aren't the only SEO-targeted and web design company.

The absolute best method is certain to construct hyperlinks that upload charge and make enjoy in context. Building those links technique, you'll not be capable of using the precise same anchor textual content repeatedly another time.

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Want To Make B2B Marketing Successful? 5 Things That You Must Know

 There are different forms of marketing, and each one on them carries their importance. But, many business owners consider the only way to sell the product, and that is business to consumer. Yes, it is one of the most demanding methods because without customers to who you will sell the products.

If you analyze the scenario, then you will find that customers could be anyone who wants to purchase service. There is no specific definition that only companies can sell the product to the buyers; even a firm can sell stuff or services to another firm. For these reasons, B2B or business-to-business marketing occurs.

Let’s understand it in detail.

What is B2B marketing?

It is a form of marketing where a company sells the products to the other company. Here, we can neglect the role of the customers. Direct selling occurs from a firm to another, it could be anything, but this method is applicable only when another demands a service generated by the firm.

Go through the below-mentioned example for better understanding. 

We are taking the most demanding stuff that is a car. We all know that producing a final consumer products needs a large number of other products. So, individual companies can't generate all the stuff below the roof.

To fulfill the requirement, tires, hoses, and batteries, or any other products come from different companies. Now, you can see that various firms are producing distinct products to fill the void.

The scenario, as mentioned earlier, is a perfect example of business-to-business marketing. Now, the question arises that how you build a successful b2b marketing?

5 Ways to Build a Strong B2B Marketing 

We have covered five ways by following which you can create a reliable marketing technique.

  1. Create A Strong Understanding 

Selling a product to the firm is not an easy task. The reason is that the product you will offer will be delivered to its targeted customers. If they find that the product does not satisfy the needs, then you may lose them for the rest of life.

After all, for any company, their customer base is a vital part. So, here first, you have to develop a strong understanding if at the initial phase you show doubtfulness, then it creates a severe problem. Show them that you are a legitimate producer.

No matter, if you have to invest more. If you find it hard to arrange money, and running a small firm, then options, like easy loans, maybe the right choice. You have to invest in making the services better.

  1. Build Trust With The Buyers

As we have discussed that trust is vital, so here you can only win the confidence when you offer the perfect service. No doubt, that business is full of competition, and if you lose it, then they will switch to another one.

So do your best to and try to meet the expectation of other firms. Initially, you may face rejection, but with time, and development, you will get the clients fast.

  1. The Goal Should Be Clear 

It is the third and most decisive point, that aim of the company should be fixed and transparent. For instance, you have set the target to sell one lac products, then according to that, you have to invest, and need a rigid plan. If you vary the goal, then you may lose the chance to raise the business.

  1. Find What Makes You Different 

You have to find out the things that make you different from the others. It will aid you to show the client that for this XYZ services we are number one. It not only draws the attention but forces the client to go through your services. Once they agree, then you can do your best to meet the requirements.

  1. Keep The Learning Attitude 

Time teaches us many things, so here businesses to. You will face rejection, but learning from them is imperative. Try not to make mistakes again because it takes a lot of effort to build clients. Do your best while making the products, AND always reflects honesty.

These are the five-point that can assist you in getting success in business to business marketing. Though, it is applicable for both small and medium enterprises. If you find it hard to break savings, then installment loans for bad credit from Private lenders the UK could help you with starting funding.

By performing the above things can stay away from you from many unnecessary troubles. So follow every point carefully, and grow the business in this sector promptly.

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