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Iceland wedding & elopement photographer | weddings | portraits | lifestyle

Welcome to my wedding blog! Here you can find my wedding photography gallery, elopement, portraits, pregnancy, and some personal photos from my travels. Iceland wedding & elopement photographer

Surprise proposal at Kvernufoss in Iceland

Lisa Digiglio Photography | Unforgettable surprise proposal at Iceland's hidden gem, Kvernufoss! Let love echo amidst the cascades.
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Pre-wedding Adventure Session at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Experience: Why a Pre-wedding Adventure Session at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland is a Must-Have for Every Couple.
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Winter pre-wedding at the Reykjanes Penisula in Iceland

Get inspired for your pre-wedding photos! Take a look at this stunning winter pre-wedding shoot at the Reykjanes Peninsula with photographer Lisa Digiglio.
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Snaefellsnes peninsula adventure session in Iceland

Experience the beauty of Iceland with a session on the stunning Snaefellsnes peninsula. Photographer Lisa Digiglio will capture your memories for a lifetime.
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Iceland winter elopement at the Blue Lagoon

If you're thinking about eloping in Iceland during the winter, The Blue Lagoon should be your top choice. It's warm, relaxing and perfectly located! A photographer in Iceland shares her tips for having a winter elopement in the ultimate fairy tale destination.
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The ultimate guide to elope in Iceland [updated for 2023-2024]

The ultimate guide to elope in Iceland [updated for 2023-2024]. Planning to get married or elope to Iceland? Discover a short guide for adventurous couples, covering elopement, Icelandic marriage, paperwork, and more. Find your local Iceland elopement photographer.
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Luxury destination wedding at Villa Cà Vendri

Luxury destination wedding at Villa Cà Vendri, Italy. Lisa Digiglio Photography | Wedding & elopement photography in breathtaking places with adventurous couples in Iceland.
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Same-sex wedding on Lake Como | Grand Hotel Tremezzo gay wedding

Same-sex wedding on Lake Como | Grand Hotel Tremezzo same-sex wedding. Wedding and elopement photography in breathtaking places with adventurous couples.
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Best of 2018

  The year is going to end and, what can I say? What a year!

In 2018 I travelled a lot, worked together with many photographers that I love, in exclusive locations, like Grand Hotel Tremezzo , Villa La Vescogna , Isole Brissago , and more. I had the privilege to tell the stories of great loves and sweet soulmates, and once again I realized how lucky I am to do the job I love and that gives me the chance to express myself 100%.

2018 was definitely the year of the first time for me, and I can affirm this was a great year!
I have travelled a lot. And travelling I have learned a lot.
I’ve learned about myself. I’ve learned to be free. I’ve learned to stay strong. I’ve learned about my limits. I’ve braved many fears. I’ve learned to stand tall. I’ve learned that connection is everything. I’ve found my place in the world, finally. I‘ve given so much. I’ve worked so hard. I’ve taken the leap. I’ve waited. I’ve struggled. I’ve learned to be patient. I’ve loved. I’ve not given in to shortcuts. I’ve learned to be kind.
I’ve fought through so many things, and I have never given up.
And, when the night was too long I’ve held onto the light.

Although this year has been very hard and tiring, I have arrived at the end of the year full of new projects that I can’t wait to achieve. The new year that awaits me will be a year of change, and I can’t wait to get involved and give once again 100% of myself to be able to realize all my dreams.

I feel lucky and I close this year full of gratitude to all the amazing souls I had the pleasure to meet during this year and who have supported, endured, helped in every possible way, have been close even if we were far away. THANK YOU, I’m full of hope towards the future.

And now I can’t wait to see what this 2019 will give to me. As a destination wedding photographer, I love capturing romantic, adventurous and intimate weddings so if you’re considering me as your destination wedding photographer , do connect. I’ll be eager to hear from you if you’d like to converse about your wedding or check my availability for your date and location. Do get in touch !

This year instead of a long post I decided to create a small video with all my favourite pictures of 2018, in random order, of course.
Enjoy and please leave a comment!
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Iceland wedding photographer

As an Iceland wedding photographer, I love creating moments and capturing memories, timeless & intimate storytelling for adventurous couples in the wild nature of wonderful Iceland.
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Intimate wedding in Venice


Joanna and Renee came from Austria to get married on one of the most beautiful on Earth, Venice .

It was a very simple and intimate ceremony, celebrated in Palazzo Cavalli , located on the Grand Canal with the wonderful Rialto bridge in the background. Amazing!

The bride was very excited, she dreamed of this Venice wedding for a long time. After getting ready in a beautiful suite of the Hotel Antico Doge the bride took a taxi boat with her dad and her best friend, the witness. Together we went in front of Palazzo Cavalli, where the groom was waiting for her together with all the family and friends.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom and their guests took a lovely walk in the beautiful alleys of Venice, until they reach the restaurant where the reception took place. That day was very hot, but they were absolutely stunning, enjoyed their wedding and came with me in the sun to get some amazing pictures that will cherish their special day forever. 

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so dreamy and inspirational. It was such a pleasure to take pictures of those lovely soul mates in such a stunning location.

As a Venice wedding photographer , I love capturing romantic, exquisite and intimate weddings. So if you’re planning an intimate destination wedding in Italy and you want me as your Italian destination wedding photographer , do connect . I’ll be eager to hear from you if you’d like to talk about your wedding or check my availability for your date and location. Do get in touch !
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Boho wedding at Royal Victoria Hotel

Varenna wedding photographer | Boho wedding at Royal Victoria Hotel. David & Karina came from England to get married on the beautiful shores of Lake Como.
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Organic botanical wedding in a private villa

Piedmont wedding photographer | Botanical wedding in a private villa. Valeria and Guillaume celebrated in the bride's family home: the garden of memories of a life that welcomed their loved ones just as they had always desired. The day was warm and everything was perfect.
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Bohemian chic destination wedding in Switzerland

Bohemian chic destination wedding in Switzerland, in the Alps. Christoffer and Vanessa dreamed of a beautiful bohemian chic destination wedding in Switzerland, in the middle of nature with delicate details and refined touch, a perfect mix of their Swedish and Swiss cultures.
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Greenery botanical intimate wedding

Check out this greenery botanical intimate wedding inspiration shoot in a wonderful greenhouse to find a new idea for your greenery botanical intimate wedding. By Lisa Digiglio.
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BEST OF 2017

BEST 2017 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. I feel lucky and I close it full of gratitude to all the people I had the pleasure to meet during this 2017. These are my best in 2017. In random order. Are you looking for your destination wedding photographer? Get in touch!
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Basic Invite: the best wedding stationery

BASIC INVITE BEST WEDDING STATIONERY One thing I love about my job is that it always allows me to know and collaborate with the best professionals in the industry. So today I want to introduce you to Basic Invite, an American company leader on wedding quality stationery. Situated in Saint George, Utah
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Lake Maggiore winter intimate wedding – Tenuta La Quassa

Erica and Mattia’s Lake Maggiore winter intimate wedding at Tenuta La Quassa proves that the weather never ruins weddings! The day before the wedding was raining and snowing. However, this didn’t affect the atmosphere one bit. Erica and Mattia’s smiles totally illuminated the day!
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Lake Garda Wedding | Intimate wedding in Italy

Lake Garda wedding, an intimate wedding in Desenzano & Sirmione, Italy. The couple chose the beautiful Castello di Desenzano for their wedding and the Ristorante Pace for the reception, with the most amazing lake view.
Veröffentlicht am 16.02.2017 um 12:13:00 Uhr

Free Soul, beautiful vintage boho wedding inspiration

Vintage boho wedding inspiration. One of the many things I love about my job is the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals.
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Wedding photographer Milan | Boho wedding at Officine del Volo

Welcome to this gorgeously styled deep red and gold wedding in Milan, by Le mille e una nozze wedding planning. Many amazing details for this amazing boho chic wedding.  The industrial space at Officine del volo, a beautiful location that in the past was a factory of aeroplanes, the Caproni Factory, in Milan, was perfect for this super cool wedding. […] L'articolo Wedding photographer Milan | Boho wedding at Officine del Volo sembra essere il primo su Iceland destination wedding photographer | weddings | portraits | lifestyle.
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Underwater photography | A day at the Genoa aquarium

Underwater photography | A day at the Genoa aquarium. Dive with me in the wonderful atmosphere of Aquarius of Genoa and its fishes!
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Vivian Maier: a photographer found

Vivian Maier, una fotografa ritrovata. | An unmissable exhibition curated by Forma Meravigli from November 20 to January 31 in Milan. Highly recommended!
Veröffentlicht am 12.01.2016 um 10:14:00 Uhr

2015 | a year of pictures

2015 | A year of photos | Reykjavik photographer | A selection of the best photographs we took in 2015! Take a look!
Veröffentlicht am 07.01.2016 um 11:06:00 Uhr

Rustic-chic wedding in Italy

Rustic chic wedding in Italy | Stefano & Manuela. Let me tell you about Stefano and Manuela's wedding, a rustic-chic wedding set in a beautiful farmhouse in the Pavia countryside, the Tenuta San Giovanni, Italy.
Veröffentlicht am 16.11.2015 um 14:25:00 Uhr

Reykjavik maternity photographer | Waiting for Nicole

Reykjavik maternity photographer | Waiting for Nicole | Lisa Digiglio Photography. If you are pregnant and would like to keep the memory of this wonderful moment forever through natural, spontaneous and delicate pictures, contact me!
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Travelling in Abruzzo

Travelling to Abruzzo. Here on the blog is a small selection of the most beautiful photos taken from our trip to Abruzzo. If you've never been there you should definitely go!
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Wedding Photography Price

Wedding Photography Price | Hide Cost of Wedding Photography | The Hide Cost of Wedding Photographic service explained with a clever infographic
Veröffentlicht am 25.06.2015 um 15:37:00 Uhr

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