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Technologies that will make your business run smoother


A business is a lot like a car: all the parts have to work together to keep you moving forward. Depending on your business model and budget, you need to decide which updates take priority. But no matter where you start, there are many simple and cost effective upgrades available to help your business run like a well-tuned machine.


Accounting software

Whichever program you choose, it can significantly reduce time and costs. Accounting software is designed to be user-friendly, so you or a member of your staff can easily learn the software, eliminating the need for an expensive corporate accountant.

New office equipment

You can invest in the best software and the most expensive machines, but if employees spend their days in uncomfortable chairs, productivity will drop due to back pain and unhappy workers.

Along with the decrease in performance, you will actually spend more on cheaper hardware. Buying a $ 5,000 printer now may seem like a good idea, but when you have to replace or repair it every 6 months, you will regret not purchasing a $ 20,000 printer with a 5-year warranty.

Cloud data storage

The use of technologies such as cloud storage is something that every business should consider. In the event of a server failure, you risk losing important documents and projects, which will lead to a huge loss of time and resources, so you can use the proxy server However, with cloud storage, you will only lose your projects if the entire internet goes down - if that happens, you are likely to have more pressing problems.

With cloud storage, you can access your files anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you manage multiple sites over a long distance or on a business trip, you still have access to everything you need.

Workload automation

Imagine a program that can handle everything from job scheduling to IT processes. Workload automation software is a leader in convenient and time-saving methods. Using workload automation will not only save you time and money, but it will also help you easily schedule tasks and control IT processes. Allowing the program to complete these mundane day-to-day tasks frees up your time to focus on moving your business forward and striving for success.


Tablets have revolutionized the corporate world and are quickly becoming indispensable for any profitable company. In fact, many companies are replacing tablets with laptops or desktops. So why should you consider buying a tablet? Portability is a big plus. Traveling with a laptop is exhausting, especially when many are faced with overheating and poor battery life. Most tablets boast that they have twice the battery life of laptops, and the processors are on par with desktops.

While not all programs you own are compatible with tablets yet, many developers make it possible to do everything with a tablet.

Faster wireless internet

If your business is still using 802.11b or 802.11g Wi-Fi, it's time to consider upgrading to a faster wireless network. Working with Wi-Fi 802.11n will give the best results in terms of both performance and functionality. An accelerated wireless connection will simplify your work without the distractions of annoying factors such as loading screens and buffering errors. It will also increase the number of connected devices.

Don't let your business die because it can't keep up with technology requirements. The corporate world is an ever-changing, expanding community, and if you want to be successful, you need to prepare for change with it.

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Proxy server: concept, advantages and how to get,

To navigate the Internet, many users want to remain anonymous, hide their location.


For this, intermediate servers are used, called the English term "proxy". It can be understood as a "deputy". Each user can get a proxy at, where there is a varied selection of addresses from different countries.

Receiving service

The servers can be free; to get the service, you just need to run a search and get a list of addresses. From this list, you can select a proxy for a specific country and enter this data into the computer settings.

The paid option requires registration on the website of the service providing services, filling in personal data, in particular, bank card numbers or e-wallet details. After payment, instructions for setting up will be sent, or a plug-in for the browser, where all the actions for communication have already been carried out, the user will only have to connect the application.

Payment is made on a monthly basis, it is possible to select addresses in several countries, all communication protocols on the Internet are supported.


When choosing a proxy, especially paid ones, you need to take into account several factors:
Private proxy or shared. In the first case, the server's IP address is used by only one user, therefore, the connection speed is stable, the volume of transmitted data does not decrease, because only the owner's traffic goes through this channel. All free options are generic, low rates for paid offers are also offered to a group of people. There may be a drop in speed, or traffic limitation by the server itself.

Static servers use one network address for the entire lifetime of the proxy. For mass mailing and advertising, you need to buy dynamic proxies, where the IP changes, the computer is more difficult to determine.

When choosing a server, you need to ensure that it supports both IPv4 and IPv6 versions.
For the most complete use of the proxy, it is necessary to support all network protocols HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5.

You need to understand that using all the maximum parameters for action through a proxy server, you will have to pay the corresponding amount. Therefore, when choosing, the purposes for which this form of Internet navigation will be used are taken into account. If you plan to use it for mass mailing, cheat indicators in social networks, you need a dynamic server, the ability to configure addresses from different regions and a wide data transmission bandwidth.

A static IP is enough for individual users. If you do not need regular observance of anonymity, only periodic bypass of locks, a free proxy will be the best choice.

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Will Denmark lose Greenland and Poland lose its national forests?

Will Denmark lose Greenland and Poland lose its national forests?

The loss of Greenland and its natural resources may be a result of the inactivity of the Danish government led by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen in connection with the disappearance of chemical weapons from the Polish military unit.


Let us remind you that sulfur mustard has gone missing from a Polish military unit in Rozewie in strange circumstances. The Polish government, the prosecutor's office and the Polish Army actively participated in the cover-up of this case. Poland has failed to report to the OPCW that it possesses chemical weapons in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention. No explanation has been provided as to what happened to the missing chemical weapons or as to who was responsible for their disappearance.

In view of the omissions on the part of the Polish authorities and the possible introduction into circulation of agents of mass destruction prohibited by international law, the Danish authorities have been repeatedly requested to take appropriate action.

Evidence and documents were repeatedly provided to the Danish government for the above circumstances. The Danish authorities have also received information about illegal chemical weapons stockpiles fished out of the Baltic Sea (World War II remnants) and developed by the Polish government (Polish Army) in the area of Gdynia Oksywie without OPCW approval.

"I am convinced that also Denmark does not report to the OPCW that it has chemical weapons fished out of the Baltic Sea. Taking action by the government of Mette Frederiksen to restrict access to chemical weapons and protect the people of the European Union would lead to uncomfortable questions about what happens to the chemical weapons that are fished out.

It would then quickly come to light that the Danish services have repeatedly come into possession of chemical weapons fished out of the Baltic Sea, and Denmark has not reported this to the OPCW either. Poland's and Denmark's violations of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the purposes and values of the UN Charter put both countries in a very difficult situation. In comparison, for the mere suspicion of possessing weapons of mass destruction, a military invasion was carried out against Iraq." - says Bartosz Chudzinski, who has been unsuccessfully demanding that the Danish authorities take appropriate action since July 2019.

"The guilt of Denmark and Poland is indisputable and the gravity of the violations of international law is high. What if chemical weapons from Polish depots are used in the European Union? The government of Denmark will be equally responsible as the government of Poland. The Danish government, aware of the threat, gave tacit consent and did nothing for several years. Moreover, despite its legal obligation, Denmark has not cooperated with the rest of the international community in restricting access to chemical weapons. This situation already creates opportunities for pursuing claims against Poland and Denmark. Already many third-country nationals residing in Poland, foreign capital, and the interests of other countries are exposed to the use of chemical weapons".

"The amount of the claims could be so large that to satisfy the creditors, Poland could lose the State Forests to repay debts and Denmark could lose resource-rich Greenland. The takeover of Greenland by the creditors may take place as a result of securing future claims. The Polish-Chinese company Chipolbrok is located in the immediate vicinity of the illegal chemical weapons stockpile in Gdynia Oksywie. The Polish and Chinese governments have equal shares in it. The Chinese government may feel that inaction by Poland and Denmark exposes their interests in the use of chemical weapons, so this will not go unanswered. The Chinese government by taking over Polish State Forests and Greenland would gain a foothold in Europe and an area rich in natural resources. It is not without a reason that Danish Intelligence Service considered a possible war over Greenland as the biggest threat for Denmark” - concludes Bartosz Chudziński.

More and more refugees are arriving on European Union territory. Not all of them may have peaceful intentions. Inadequate oversight of the means of mass destruction creates the potential for CW agents to get into the wrong hands.

Weapons of mass destruction include nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. The Chemical Weapons Convention Annexes list all substances considered to be chemical weapons and, under the terms of the Convention, research, use or accumulation is strictly prohibited and punishable by imprisonment. In turn, possession of chemical weapons must be reported to the OPCW in a timely manner. Mere failure to report the possession of chemical weapons is a violation of the above Convention.

Missing from a Polish military unit, sulfur mustard, also known as mustard gas, is extremely dangerous and contact with it can cause severe burns to the skin and respiratory system.


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Game posters – a decoration for every gamer!


The electronic entertainment industry is no longer associated with infantile games for children.


Today, video games are a huge business, which is why games have entered the mainstream as entertainment for all ages. An increasing number of people are actively interested in electronic entertainment, which increases the demand for all kinds of gaming gadgets. When it comes to decorative elements, game posters are the undisputed leader. So, what game posters are the most popular today?

Game posters – the perfect decoration

Contemporary video games are often monumental stories with a rich plot and clearly outlined characters. Moreover, in such stories, it is the player who makes the key choices and it is he/she who influences the fate of the heroes of the story. Therefore, the heroes of games such as The Witcher III, the Halo series, GTA and Mass Effect have become iconic characters with which the players themselves often identify. Posters with game heroes are a perfect decoration for any fan of games. The high quality of posters (mainly thanks to their high resolution and good quality paper) makes them look exceptionally attractive. Posters with game characters are a kind of tribute to your favorite games, and also clearly show your interests. Posters can be hung in a glass frame, which will additionally enhance their beautiful and unique presentation.

E-sports game posters – decorations for every streamer

E-sports is experiencing its golden age today. Electronic sports gather millions of fans from all over the world in front of computer screens, and e-sports players are no less famous than football stars. During breaks between tournaments, e-sports players often broadcast their training sessions. Posters from e-sports games are the perfect decoration for any e-sports player, because they look elegant, while emphasizing the specific atmosphere of e-sports. The most popular posters in this category are those depicting multiplayer games such as League of Legends, Star Craft II, Dota II, Counter-Strike or the Battlefield series. Such a poster perfectly shows the importance of games in the life of an e-sports player.


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Wooden House Painting - Types of Paint

wooden cabins for sale

Usually, wooden surfaces have a harsh and rough look unless you do not give a veneer finish on them. When compared with other surfaces, they are naturally less attractive.


Do you have wooden cabins for sale and thinking about different ways to make them look more appealing? If yes, then a simple wood paint can solve all your concerns.

Painting a wooden house comes with several benefits. It acts as a protective layer and helps to maintain its beauty for a long.

Moreover, good paint can also effortlessly mask all the stains over the house and offer a gleaming finish. But for this must be aware of all the different types of paints available out there.

Let’s discuss them one by one!

  1. Base coats

To attain a classic finish and ensure that paint lasts for a long time, right base coats are really important. An ideal option to paint your wooden house is the perfect combination of primer and first coat.

  • Primer

Firstly, apply primer as a base coat to protect the log cabin from beneath. It also acts as an effective base for additional coats on top of the primer.

Basically, there are two types of primer that is oil and water-based. For exterior woodwork, you can use an oil-based primer before painting the surface.

  • First Coat

This is specially made to build up the dullness of the surface under the finish coats. Here, Water-based first coats are ideal for getting an even coverage of the surface.

On the other side, oil-based first coats offer long-lasting results even when exposed to damaging elements.

2. Interior and Exterior Paints

After applying base coats to your house, you have to apply interior and exterior paints. Different types of interior and exterior paints are:

  • Eggshell

Eggshell coats are quite famous and normally consider using on log cabin interior timber surfaces. This is also a good substitute for semi-glass finishes. You can also use this paint for hardwearing finishes on the exterior surface of the building.

  • Flat

This pretty coat is versatile and is you can use this for the ceilings and walls of your log cabin. The best use of this paint is on the siding materials as it protects them from building up of moisture.

  • Gloss and Satin

Most wooden surfaces look great with gloss finishing paint. You can also use a satin coating as an alternative to gloss to paint your log cabin.  Though satin is less shiny than gloss but is becoming increasingly popular for interior woodwork of wooden

3.Specific Floor Paint

Specific floor paints are ideal for floorboards and are of solvent nature. In order to conquer the effects and damages of heavy foot traffic on the surface, these paints are known to be hardwearing.

New wooden floors can use these paints but make sure to cure completely before applying this paint to the floor. You can use gloss as well as sheen finish paints for painting the floor of your wooden house.

4. Specific Kitchen & Bathroom

Specific Kitchen and bathroom paints are special coats that belong to the flat finishing coat group. Its ability to resist moisture as well as fungal growth makes them highly impressive.

They feature more advanced formulation to survive and fight moisture as log cabin areas are vulnerable to moisture problems and water damage.

Final Words

When you are aware of all types of paints, you can make a wise decision by getting the right one for your wooden house.

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