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Best Electrical Contractor in Dubai

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing An Electromechanical Company In Dubai

If you’re thinking about getting an electromechanical company in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place.  This guide will help you make the best choice for your business and help you get started with your new project faster. Have a clear idea of what you want If you have a clear idea of what you...
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How to Set Up A Guest Room Management System

Guest rooms can be used to provide additional revenue opportunities while also enhancing customer experience. The benefits provided by such a service may vary depending on the number of guests, their purpose and duration. These systems are often based on a web application that allows users to register, login, search for available rooms, reserve and...
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Why should one use an Electrical Contractor in Dubai?

Are you in search of a new home, or reconstructing your current one? then you may be worried when you need to use an electrical contractor in Dubai. Although there is plenty of DIY advice out there on how to do your wiring. However, using a professional electrician is always the safest and smartest option....
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What is Building Automation, and How Does it Benefit You?

In today’s time, automation is not a fancy word anymore. We are surrounded by plenty of automatic devices, and life is nearly impossible to live without them. We are so used to automation in every aspect of our life because technology has made everything easier and better over time. Science facilitates us in various areas...
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Extra-Low Voltage Systems – An Effective Method to Reduce Costs

The rise in inflation is not new to anyone. In times like this, every individual thinks of methods to reduce costs. Electricity covers the significant expense, whether it’s a home or business. Especially in UAE, where there is a drastic rise in inflation, introducing a cost-cutting solution is necessary. Cost-saving is a prime focus of...
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Electrical Repairs – Let the Professionals Do Their Work

Electricity is a major expense for any house or business due to its extensive use. Electrical repairs are like an unwanted guest, which can appear at your doorstep regardless of the time and day. Under these circumstances, finding an electrical repair shop is a struggle, as in most cases, your timings and your electrician’s timings...
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Capacitor Bank Maintenance

We are specialized in Capacitor Bank Maintenance in Dubai, UAE.

What is Capacitor bank?

Capacitors bank were used to isolate H.V, L.V Line in substations.

Today capacitors banks are used in Building Electrical Room to maintain power factor at 0.90 Lag. All capacitors store energy and discharge upon receiving signal form power factor controller.

In building PF Control panels capacitors are used in group to maintain power factor at a set value. Connection can be arrange in series and parallel depending on the applications.

Building utilizes consumes lot of power by switching HVAC, Motors and Lighting Loads. By using Capacitor bank a good power factor can be maintain and can avoided from Low power factor.

Power factor Controllers are set at a range of usually 0.90 lag. Once power factor drop to set value controller activate relevant group capacitors contactor to restore energy in the system and thus an electrical network power factor keep maintaining at desire value.

Capacitor bank consist groups of capacitor, Magnetic contactor,

PF Controller, GI Enclosure, Indications Lights, Bus bar and Control System Wiring.

According to building contractor design and Load requirements.Switch gear manufacturer companies assemble power factor panel

For any power factor panel maintenance we can advise our customers with best maintenance solution.

For Capacitor bank maintenance or repair, Feel Free to Contact us for more details.

Capacitor bank maintenance in Dubai | Capacitor Bank Controller- PaklinkCall for Consultation: 04-5548493


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FIT OUT CONTRACTOR What is fit out? Our fit out construction projects consists design and installation of homes and offices flooring, gypsum ceiling, electrical lighting wiring, installation of dB, interior portion. We build your raw spaces area into useful occupation area. To building a retail shop, office, you need expert fit out company. We have...
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No matter what are the home maintenance services you required, to maintain your house? We are expert in home electrical fixing, electrical repair, electrical maintenance, air conditioner maintenance, garden lights maintenance, pool pump maintenance, carpentry job, and painting. We are responsible to keep your home at best living standard and we are able to reduce...
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Garden Light Installation and Maintenance Dubai

Garden Lighting Wiring Repairing maintenance Dubai Garden Lights repair in Dubai Solar Garden LED Lights & and Water  Pump Installations in Dubai. Garden Lights repair and maintenance in Dubai We can design installation wiring repairs landscape lights Dubai.  Most people Install outdoor landscape lighting to enhance the look of their garden at night. We can do wiring of garden LED...
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