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The Weekly Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [uMobix Affiliate Program Review]

This week, we're covering everything from hustle culture to spying on kids, making this affiliate digest look like it has no rhyme or reason. But, if you look a little closer, everything that's about to follow is all geared towards making you some money. So buckle up for a wild ride through a bunch of monetizable trends and news items, along with a review of the fantastic uMobix affiliate program.
Veröffentlicht am 22.09.2023 um 18:29:34 Uhr - Kategorie: Business - Autor: Dylan Wiley

Stanford University Returns Millions from FTX

Between November 2021 and May 2022, Bankman directed donations of more than €5.5 million from FTX Group to Stanford University. It was reported that the university received gifts from the FTX Foundation and FTX-related entities. According to court documents, Bankman and Fried, both professors at Stanford Law School, allegedly used their access and influence within FTX to enrich themselves by millions.
Veröffentlicht am 22.09.2023 um 17:00:00 Uhr - Kategorie: Crypto - Autor: Michael Jermaine Cards

Biova Project Launched an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Mamacrowd

Biova Project makes deals with players in large-scale distribution and production to recover, store, and transform unsold food, or food that can no longer be marketed for aesthetic reasons, into new products with high added value. Most of the time, the finished product is resold through the same channels as the surplus supplier.
Veröffentlicht am 22.09.2023 um 16:00:00 Uhr - Kategorie: Crowdfunding - Autor: Jeremy Whannell

Novo Nordisk Plans to Open a Tech Headquarters in Spain

Novo Nordisk increased its profit by 42.5% in the first half of 2023, reaching 39,242 million Danish crowns (€5.26 million). The firm has decided to increase its forecasts for the end of the year and predicts that its operating profit will grow between 31% and 37% compared to the same period of the previous year, compared to the development of 28 and 34% that it estimated in the last forecast.
Veröffentlicht am 22.09.2023 um 15:00:00 Uhr - Kategorie: Biotech - Autor: Eva Wesley

Immorente Invest Maintains its Financial Stability

Although the occupancy rate has fallen from 92% to 90.2% compared with the end of 2022, the company expects this rate to improve by the end of 2023 thanks to the marketing of certain office assets and the finalization of its investment, scheduled for this second half of the year. Immorente Invest also anticipates an increase in sales for the current year as a whole.
Veröffentlicht am 22.09.2023 um 14:00:00 Uhr - Kategorie: Africa - Autor: Helene Lindbergh

Latin American Fintech Companies that Raised the Most Capital This Year

According to data compiled by Latam Fintech Hub consulting firm, Mexican fintech company Konfío, which grants loans to small businesses, was the technology and financial company that raised the most capital in the first half of the year. The fintech company obtained a two-year extension of the combined credit lines with Goldman Sachs and Gramercy to reach US$227 million, an increase of 13.8%.
Veröffentlicht am 21.09.2023 um 17:00:00 Uhr - Kategorie: Fintech - Autor: Sharon Harris

The Netherlands to Launch Cannabis Legalization Pilot Program in December 2023

The city of Amsterdam has also expressed interest in participating in the cannabis experiment, and talks are underway. A bill amending the Closed Café Experiment Act and Decree is currently in the House of Representatives. The Dutch experiment with cannabis legalization indicates the country's willingness to explore the possibility of fully legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes.
Veröffentlicht am 21.09.2023 um 16:00:00 Uhr - Kategorie: Cannabis - Autor: Suzanne Mitchell

The Crisis in the Crypto Market Impacts Ethereum, Cardano, and Bitcoin

The price of Ethereum (ETHUSD) has disappointed investors who hold this cryptocurrency in their portfolio. Right now, Ethereum quotes are picking up losses of up to 0.27%, de-escalating by about $4.34 per Ethereum unit, losing from the high of about $1625.17 to lows of just shy of $16145. We find ourselves in the morning today with a picture that hovers around the quotes of last session's close.
Veröffentlicht am 21.09.2023 um 15:00:00 Uhr - Kategorie: Crypto - Autor: Helene Lindbergh

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Market to Reach $84.2 Billion by 2030

With the increasing focus on renewable energy and the need to reduce carbon emissions, the rooftop solar PV installation market is poised for significant growth in the coming years. As governments continue to prioritize clean energy initiatives and provide support to the sector, the market is expected to thrive. In 2020, Asia-Pacific accounted for the largest market share, followed by North America.
Veröffentlicht am 21.09.2023 um 14:00:00 Uhr - Kategorie: Impact Investing - Autor: J. Frank Sigerson

Use This AI-Powered Money Saving App to Boost Your Finances

We all know we should be saving more. But between unexpected expenses and bad habits, it's all too easy to let our savings goals get derailed. If this sounds like a problem you're familiar with, this is where Plum's new AI-powered automatic money-saving app completely changes the game. Here we'll take a look at the hows and whys behind why this new way to save is so damn effective.
Veröffentlicht am 21.09.2023 um 10:51:03 Uhr - Kategorie: Business - Autor: Arturo Garcia

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