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How to improve transcription accuracy by using transcription services

Ever wondered, How to improve transcription accuracy by using transcription services? why all those transcription providers charge you more for transcribing your audio files? Why they keep telling you your audio quality is low and just how you can improve that and save some money in the process?

Audio recording when done perfectly, can result in an excellent quality transcript. And although many of us wants to be able to make perfect voice recordings, it’s not always possible and therefore, accounts for a transcriber’s worst nightmare.

We’ve talked already talked lot about AI and manual transcription before. The benefits that these two forms of transcription brings in terms of productivity and time-saving measures, the detection of multiple speakers and editing functions, helps a lot to make lives of industry professionals easier. However, even the best automated services are not perfect, just as manual transcribers shall inevitably make mistakes while they are transcribing audio files.

There are a few things that can negatively affect the accuracy of a transcript, that includes multiple people talking at the same time and background noises. But the good news is that; many of the problems we face in getting that perfect, crystal clear audio-to-text conversion are easily preventable.

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Here’s how to improve transcription accuracy by using transcription services:

1. Recording in the best environment for transcription

I know what you’re thinking; how would I know what is the best environment to record in? I’ll tell you.

If you’re looking to employ an Al Transcription service for the file you’re recording, you must make sure it is taken in an environment where there is no background noise and over talking. Although, AI has improved greatly over the last few years and can now give transcripts that are almost as good as human transcripts. It’s still a computer, so in order for it to learn it must be taught. And I must say, we’re a few decades too early for a computer to learn to ignore background noise and only pick words.

So I’m order to increase the accuracy of your transcript through AI transcription, you must record your file in a clean environment, making sure that most of the words spoken in the conversation are caught perfectly in the recording.


2. Avoid Over-talk

In a text file where multiple speakers are talking at the same time, over talking over each other, it can be quite difficult to transcribe all the words spoken perfectly and in order; even for a human transcriber.

Over-talking can happen naturally in when more than one speakers are present. The best way to ensure no over-talking in your recordings is to keep the speakers no more than two and controlling the flow of the conversation in such a way that there is least chance of the speakers over-talking.

For instance, the best way to combat over talking in an interview is to ask short, sharp questions and ask the interviewee to elaborate if you require a longer answer.

If you’re recording statements of two or more people at the same time, it’s advisable to ask one person at a time, and if overtalk happens, to ask a follow-up question directed at an interviewee you’re most likely to get a quote from.


3. Speakers with Accents

Something that makes converting speech to text difficult are strong regional dialects. We’re sure, if you work at transcribing voice-to-text then you must have dealt with deciphering different dialects and accents. How many times have you played a three-seconds passage to understand the words being spoken by a speaker with accent? Over and over and over again.

And there isn’t a clear solution when it comes to overcoming the issues of recording individuals with strong accents.

A great quirk about the human psyche is that we mimic other as a means of building a subconscious rapport with another person or group of people.

So one thing you can do when recording people with accents is; when you’re questioning someone and recording their answers, a great way to encourage them to lose their accent is by adopting a more formal tone for yourself.

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Automated Transcription in comparison with Human Transcription

In our recent blogs, we’ve discussed lot about Automated Transcription in comparison with Human Transcription and how one of them is better than the other when it comes to various forms of transcripts. In order to understand the difference between these two forms of transcription services and the pros and cons when choosing one over another, please read on.

At first we start from the most basic question, what is transcription? Well folks, transcription is your modern day genie that makes work easy by converting long, tiring and time consuming audio and video files into accessible read-easy, word files. Transcription has been growing tremendously over the last few years. Especially during the pandemic; when people were forced to stay home and industries had no other way but to digitalize their business. It’s an industry that is growing bigger each day.

Now that we know about transcription, let’s come back to you and what your requirements are when outsourcing a transcription service. The two types of transcription services; Human transcription services and automated transcription software; are both different and at the same time vary similar to each other. Here’s all you need to know about the two types of transcription services.

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Automatic transcription software

Automatic transcription software uses speech recognition technology where an AI listens to an audio or video file and transforms it into a written, text. And although, there are limitations as to what automatic transcription can do, there are many other reasons proving automatic transcription software a valuable tool:

Budget Friendly

Automatic transcription software is a great option for those working with a limited budget. Similar to other AI automation systems, since there’s no human interaction, you can save on costs. What you have to remember is that; you get what you pay for.

Time Saver

If your options are between sitting down and transcribing an audio file yourself or using automated transcription software, the AI transcriptionist will save you a few hours of your time. Transcription software can transcribe an hour of audio in a few minutes, which is impressive, but there’s a catch.

Files transcribed by an AI will contain many errors. If you want the document to be shareable or publishable on the web, then you’ll either have to spend a lot of your time proofreading and editing errors or spend a good bit more money paying someone else to do that for you.

Eliminate back and forth of email

If you’re in a rush for a last-minute project, there is some inevitable time lost in back-and-forth email communication. However, be sure to weigh and calculate how much time you’ll be spending editing a document yourself vs communicating with a human transcriptionist.

When should you use automatic transcription software?

There are times when it’s best to use one service over the other. The question what arises is; when should you use automatic transcription software. Here are some of the times when using automated transcription software would be beneficial for you;

  • When you need a rough draft and it having errors is okay
  • When you need something done fast
  • When you have a strict or limited budget
  • When the audio file is clean with little to no background noise
  • When the audio file only has one or two speakers
  • When you have significant time to edit and format your transcript

Companies that offer Al transcription services:

Here are some of the companies you can outsource for your automated transcription needs. Temi:

Temi provides automatic services. It works on ASR software. To access Temi the user has to follow a timely or monthly subscription. The important part is that in this entire process, high-quality audio is a must for the highest accuracy results.


Trint also works on ASR software. The good thing about trint is that it recognizes different speakers. Trint is known to provide accurate results and there are very little chances of error. Trint and Temi only recognize the English language.

Happy Scribe:

Happy Scribe is another service that offers Al operated transcription services. A file can be dropped into a voice recorder, audio player and within few minutes it gives a text which can be downloaded in file format. The best thing about Happy Scribe is that it works on English French and 120+ languages.


Human transcription service

If you are looking to get high-quality, high-accuracy, and ready-to-publish text documents from your video and audio files then you should outsource human transcription services. Working with an actual human for your transcription needs provides many benefits. Here are some that might interest you;

High-level of accuracy

While automatic transcription can get the job done fast and cheap, automatic transcription software rarely exceeds 80% accuracy. And since ASR runs purely on logic, they cannot differentiate nuanced situations or correct mistakes until they’re taught how. This means the transcript needs to be double-checked and reformatted by a human. With human transcription, however, you can be guaranteed accuracy of 99%, providing you with a text document high in quality and clarity.

At Servixer, we promise 99.9% accuracy and on-time delivery as well as corrections to keep our clients satisfied.


The fact that they are provided by HUMANS

We apologize for our use of capitalize words, but most of us often don’t understand how important human ears and mind are. Of course, AI can provide transcripts much faster but it can never outdo humans when it comes to preserving each and every detail of a conversation. Human transcriptions will outperform automatic transcription software in all of the following instances:

  • Filtering background noise
  • Differentiating between speakers
  • Understanding different speaking styles, accents, and dialects
  • Considering context and nuance
  • Differentiating between homophones


Unlike automatic transcription software, a human transcriptionist can provide and guarantee that the information in your files will remain private and secure. Unfortunately, with ASR, there is a possibility that transcripts could be leaked, hacked, and compromised.

Flexible pricing

Controlling the cost of services is an important part of business. The great thing about human transcription services is that you can find a variety of service packages at varying price points to best serve your needs.

Detailed verbatim transcription, edited transcription, or intelligent transcription each require a different time commitment and therefore pricing. Additionally, the length and quality of your audio will determine a transcriptionist’s working hours, so the length and depth of a project can and should affect the pricing. Some human transcription services will also offer discounts on bulk or regular orders.

When you should use human transcription services?

Here are some essential cases in which you should opt for human transcription services over automated transcription software;

  • When you need to publish your content
  • When you have no time to edit and format a transcript
  • When you need flexible pricing or more service options
  • When you need to pull quotes from your audio
  • When you have an imperfect or low-quality audio file
  • When your audio file contains multiple speakers or speakers with accents
  • When you need to ensure greater accuracy that accounts for context, fact-checking, and more

Companies that offer human transcription services:

Below we have gathered some of the best companies that you can employ for your human transcription service needs;


Servixer provides high quality human transcription services online. The company guarantees 99% accuracy at affordable rate under fast turnaround times. The best thing about Servixer is that they provide corrections on completed transcripts. They review the transcripts as many time as the client wants to achieve the customer’s satisfaction.

They provide both audio transcription and video transcription services and a range of different kinds of transcripts, i.e. legal transcribing services, business transcription, medical transcripts and many more.


Scribie offers both manual transcriptions and automated transcription services. Its automated transcription rates are very reasonable but human transcription rates are much high. The adverts of Scribie are done by the sales team via UM on tech giants.


GoTranscript is a well-known transcription service provider that offers human or manual transcripts. GoTranscript provides accurate high-quality transcripts. The best thing about GoTranscipt is that they offer services for all kinds of transcription services, whether it’s medical transcription, legal transcription or automotive transcription.

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Audio Transcription Companies in Pakistan

Are you looking for transcription service provider in Pakistan that can give you cost-effective, accurate transcripts with fast turnaround times? If yes, then read on as in this blog I will tell you all you need to know about the best transcription service providers in Pakistan.

We know, how transcription has made things easy for businesses and organizations by convert audio and video files into text documents. Transcription is necessary for the very reason that it saves people time by preserving all meaningful parts of conversation or important points discussed in a meeting or conference in such a way that it’s easy to access them.

When one is looking for transcription service providers to employ, the first thing they make sure of is the cost effectiveness, the accuracy of the completed transcripts and the turnaround time. To be considered a standard service to employ for transcriptions, it must have those three important factors.

Transcription services that are manual and consists of human transcriptionists are much more accurate and effective as compared to automated transcriptions. Automated transcription services are although easily accessible and fast, they can only cater to simple transcripts with no problem factors like background noise, multiple speakers and low audio quality. Human transcripts are effective in a way that as they are provided by human, professional transcriptionists; they lack the usual errors made by voice recognition software and contains all the important point discussed in the conversation that a computer, otherwise will not be able to catch.

Quality Transcription Service is within your budget now
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What to look for when employing a transcription service:

Here is a list of some factors you should confirm of before employing a transcription service in Pakistan;


Accuracy is the most important factor when it comes to transcription. The basic requirement for audio-to-text transcription is to make sure all parts of the conversation is preserved into a text file. The quality that the transcription services provider guarantees to provide you will determine the usefulness of their transcript.

If you are looking to employ a company for your legal, medical or any kinds of transcripts that are accuracy sensitive; you should employ companies that guarantee 99% accuracy on their completed transcripts.


Turnaround time:

The amount of time that is required to complete the process of transcription is called the turnaround time. The turnaround time is a turning factor if you’re looking to get your transcripts done within a specific time period.

If you are meaning to acquire a service for your urgent transcripts, we advise you to look for a company that has the options of “rush transcripts” available. Rush transcripts are basically transcripts provided within a fast time frame and they are relatively more expensive.


Cost efficiency is one of those factors that we, if not all than most, look for when employing a service. In the end, it always comes to which company is more budget friendly for you and can provide you their service at reasonable but efficient price.


Audio transcription companies in Pakistan:

Here is a list of some of the best transcription services in Pakistan.

  1. Servixer

When it comes to transcription, Servixer is the best choice. Servixer provides high quality, accurate transcripts to their client with 99% accuracy rate. They provide both verbatim and non-verbatim transcripts and their standard rate per audio minute is 0.70$ which is comparatively cheaper than the others.

They have manual transcription services provided by their team of professional transcriptionist that work efficiently under a professional environment to ensure quality of completed transcripts.

The best thing about Servixer is that they are very mindful about the satisfaction of their clients and thus they make sure to provide extra services like that of correction and review on their completed transcripts.

They also have a fast turnaround time of 12-24 hours with the option of rush transcripts available at a slightly higher price than that of their standard rates.

Servixer is known for its high level of confidentiality and client pleasing attributes.

  1. GlobalMed Transcriptions:

GlobalMed Transcriptions is well known for being one of the very few transcription services providers for medical transcription in Pakistan. They have expertise in dealing with the medical transcriptions for almost 19 years.

The company is known for their high quality transcripts and guarantee a 99.99% accuracy rate. GlobalMed provides accurate transcripts with a faster turnaround time.

The best thing about their company is that they are so certain about their quality that they will allow any company to have a test run of their transcripts before marking it complete. If you are looking for the best medical transcription services in Pakistan then they are ones for you!

  1. S&P Global Market Intelligence:

S&P Global Market Intelligence is a multi-service provider in Pakistn. It is one of the best service providers for transcription services and it does provide a wide range of transcriptions like corporate phone calls transcriptions, income phone calls transcription, and organization gathering introductions transcription, investor gatherings transcription, and consolidation /securing declarations transcriptions.

The company is located in Islamabad. It is a well reputed company and works hard to achieve solutions to the problems of people related to different sectors of transcription.

If you are someone who is looking for different types of transcription either be an investor phone call or a presentation then S&P Global Market Intelligence will provide you with best Phone call transcription and automotive transcription services in Pakistan.


When it comes to audio transcriptions, is the best transcription service company in Pakistan. provides many different types of transcription including media, law, health sector, writers, market researchers, ministries.

They provide a number of transcription services like: Conversation transcription, automotive transcription, phone call transcriptions, Conference transcription, Tape transcription, Cassette transcription audio and video transcriptions etc.

They are known for their confidentiality and cost effectiveness.

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Quality Transcription Services

When it comes to transcription services, the first thing one wants to know about the service provider is the quality of their completed transcripts.

Quality is the most important factor for transcription, second to which is the turnaround time and the price rates that the service provider is offering you. If you are meaning to employ online transcription services for you video or audio files and are looking for quality transcription services then read on, as in this blog we will tell you just where you can find them.

Quality Transcription Service is within your budget now
as Servixer is excited to offer this with unmatched affordability.


Why is Quality so important?

Quality is the most important factor when it comes to recording video and audio files into text documents. Transcription isn’t just about putting words from an audio or video files into text and calling it a day. The service provider should ascertain that all meaningful parts of the conversation are captured and the document has easy readability and is easily understandable for the reader. The transcript should make sense, with easy flow and all the important factors of the conversation should be preserved into the text file.

Although, for some kinds of transcripts quality may not contribute so much. But for legal, medical and business transcripts quality plays a vital role.


Automated Transcription vs. Manual Transcription

The quality of the services also depend on what kind of transcribing service you’re employing and the quality of the audio file or video file you are meaning to transcribe. We prefer human or manual transcription and here’s why;

If you are looking to transcribe a simple audio file of good audio quality and lesser number of speakers, automated transcription services will work the best for you. Automated transcription services uses voice recognition software to provide transcripts and because of that exact reason, they provide transcripts at low rates and fast turnaround times. They’re not what you should go to if you want to transcribe a low quality audio or video file.

Manual transcription means the transcripts are provided by human transcriptionists and thus, the quality is much higher than automated transcripts. If your audio file has background noise, different speakers with accents and just overall low audio quality, you should employ Manual transcription services to ascertain quality.


Quality Transcription Services available online

Listed below are some of the top quality transcription providers, both manual and automated, that are available in the internet;


Servixer provides high quality human transcription services online. The company guarantees 99% accuracy at affordable rate under fast turnaround times. The best thing about their service is that they provide corrections on completed transcripts. They review the transcripts as many time as the client wants to achieve the customer’s satisfaction.

They provide both audio transcription and video transcription services and a range of different kinds of transcripts, i.e. legal transcribing services, business transcription, medical transcripts and many more.

The standard rate of transcription for Serixer is 0.70$ per audio minute with an additional 1 dollar charged if the audio file provided is complex.



Scribie is a well-known transcription services provider available on the internet today. Scribie offers both human services and automated transcription services with excellent quality. Scribie claims 99% accuracy for a complete work and also offers proofreading, corrections and full confidentiality.

For transcribing less sensitive files and do not require such a high level of accuracy, they offer free automated transcription service.


Rev provides audio and video transcription services. They guarantee 99% accuracy for their transcripts. Straightforward transcripts and simple transcripts are completed in a few hours with high quality.

What also makes Rev stand out is the fast turnaround speed for human transcripts. They are relatively much faster than other human transcribing services.


GoTranscript is a British company that offers quality text transcript with competitive pricing and affordable rates. GoTranscript can cater to you needs for the more complex projects where quality can really suffer if the service isn’t able to handle it.

GoTranscript guarantee to provide a complete, flawless transcript within 6-12 hours, which is comparatively faster than a lot of other companies.

GMR Transcription:

GMR Transcription also offers human and automated transcripts. They quality of their transcripts is very high. This site guarantees you accurate text transcripts but their turnaround speed is relatively slower. So if you don’t want a rush transcript then you should be sure to avail their services.

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Customer Conversational Analytics

We are living in the era of information overloading. There has been a flood of data ever since the internet boom and the more you soak yourself in it, the better your chances are to perform. Individuals, companies, businesses adopt different practices to gather as much relevant information as they possibly can to make an impact in their respective realms. One such approach of gathering relevant data and then using it for personal gains is through conversational analytics.What is customer conversational analytics and how can it be useful to boost sales or revenues of businesses? This and alot more is stored for you in this blogpost.

What is conversational analytics?

Anyone who has ever been to the home of startups, Silicon Valley or has some interest in technology or is a tech geek knows the influence artificial intelligence has these days and can clearly foresee a future where artificial intelligence will penetrate in pretty much every facet of our lives.

Conversational analytics is one such approach powered by artificial intelligence through which the speech of human beings is recognized, assessed, and then categorized and arranged in a way that useful information or relevant information can be extracted out of it. Now since you have gotten a brief idea of what conversational analytics is, let’s get into the scope of our blogpost which is the customer conversational analytics.

A dive into the customer conversational analytics:

Any business, company or an organisation whose nature of work is based on customer interaction can benefit the most from this breakthrough technology of customer conversational analytics.

Be it a sales pitch, self branding, promotional spells or other gigs of such kind, customer interaction is the nucleus of all these activities.

Customer conversational analytics allow you to not only recognize the speech of your customers but to also assess it and organize it in a form you can extract useful information out of.

Quality Transcription Service is within your budget now
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Any examples to better explain customer conversational analytics?

Let me state an example to help you better understand how the customer conversational analytics work:

Suppose you are having a conversation with one of your friends about the effects of global pandemic and how digital marketing has boomed as a result. In the 2 or so minutes of conversation you’ve had, if you’re focus was on the boom of digital marketing and customer conversation analytics will help you extract out all the relevant information out of that 20 minutes conversation you’ve had to help you utilize that information in whatever way and form you feel like is beneficial to you.

Hopefully, you have a good idea of what customer conversational analytics is. Now let’s get down to see how this technique works and make your efforts work as well.

Get to know your target audience better with customer conversational analytics:

In order for you to communicate effectively with someone, it’s immensely important to know them first. Without knowing the person, their inclinations and perspectives, you can never really communicate effectively with them or even try to convey your perspective to them.

Customer conversational analytics fill out this gap for you. They help you understand your prospect or potential clients and connect on a deeper level and gives you a better understanding of what their inclinations are and how you can manipulate it for your personal gains as company, business or organisations trying to sell their goods.

Now knowing how customer conversational analytics help you connect better with your target audiences, I think it’s pertinent to get down to the mechanism through which it works.


NLP and Customer Conversational Analytics:

As stated above, customer conversational analytics make use of artificial intelligence to extract useful information and relevant data out of speech or text. This is primarily done through the Natural Language Processing, a subfield of artificial intelligence which serves as a rendezvous of linguistics, computer sciences and artificial intelligence. Customer Conversational Analytics use NLP approach to establish a connection and interaction between computers and human beings which allows it to process and manipulate the large amounts of data it receives in the form of natural language.

This data is received through various mediums. Customer Conversational Analytics allows you to receive data from your customers through various channels of communication such as phone calls, text messages, voicemails, emails or even live chats. The data received through these and many other communication mediums is then processed by the customer conversational analytics through the NLP which helps extract relevant and useful data out of those conversations.

This data received through customer conversational analytics then allows the companies and businesses to get an idea of their customer preferences and inclination which helps them mold their products and services to better suit them.


How can customer conversational analytics improve customer experience:

Customer conversational analytics as explained above helps you extract out useful information received through various channels and streams of conversation. This data tells us about a lot of things out of which some are:

  1. Fault lines in our current methods and procedures
  2. Suggestions and recommendations to improve our products and services
  3. Insightful information which allows us to connect deeper and communicate effectively.

The information gathered through the process of customer conversational analytics lifts the veil from a lot of things and uncovers many factors which can help us improve ourselves to better fit with what our potential customers or target audience is actually looking for.

A lot of times despite putting in a lot of effort into our products and services isn’t giving us the expected outcome. The possible reason in many cases for that is very obvious, and it is that we are good at what we’re making but not good at understanding what is needed. Regardless of how brilliant our product or services are but if they do not precisely address the needs of the customer, they are of no good. Customer Conversational Analytics saves the day for us as the data extracted through it from various streams of communications allows us to figure out those fault lines and thus helps you in overcoming them.

Similarly, the data also helps you to make necessary changes and alterations to your products and services to not only make it suitable to your audience but also improve it beyond their requirements.

Apart from that, empathy in communication is inevitable if you want to retain your customers. And to establish that level of empathy and understanding, customer conversational analytics play one of the most significant roles by helping you get a deeper sense of what your target audience’s preferences are and how you can change yourself and your procedures and policies to be the right fit for them.

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Transcription Rates Per Audio Minutes

When choosing a transcription service, the first question that comes into minds; how much do professional transcriptionists charge for a complete transcript?

The standard rates for a professional, human transcriptionist in America ranges from 1.5 to 3 U.S. Dollars per audio minute (90-180 U.S.D per audio hour) depending on the audio quality, number of speakers and accents within the audio file to be transcribed. For Complex projects with highly challenging audio (background noise, inaudible sentences and more than one speaker of accent), these rates can steadily increase.

Of course, the rates are much lower for companies that use automatic speech recognition software and artificial intelligence tools for their transcripts or has a large team of non-native, human transcriptionists working in a professional work environment. Their rates ranges from 0.70 to 1 U.S. Dollar per audio minute.

Standard rates for a professional North American transcriptionist range from $1.50-3 USD per audio minute ($90-180 per audio hour) depending on audio quality and number of speakers. For projects with extra requirements or highly challenging audio, these rates can increase.

Quality Transcription Service is within your budget now
as Servixer is excited to offer this with unmatched affordability.


Common pricing structures for Transcription 

Audio transcription is billed in the following ways:

Per audio minute or audio hour.

The standard for general transcription is a fixed-price structure. As we mentioned above, professional rates run between $1.50 and $3 USD per audio minute. And online, automated and manual transcription, rates varies from 0.70-1$ per audio minute.

Per line.

This pricing structure is typically used by medical transcription services, where a line is defined by 65characters including spaces.

The standard rates for medical transcripts are 7-14 cents per line.

Per typed page.

Per-page pricing is most common with document typing projects.

Per hour of the transcriptionist’s time.

The average hourly rate for transcribing interviews is $50 USD according to Writer’s Market. This type of pricing guarantees a minimum rate for typists irrespective of audio quality and thus, proves very beneficial for transcriptionists.

Document typing

Transcribing from another text document rather than an audio file – also known as copy typing.

It is typically billed per typed page. However, it can be billed per word or per hour as well.

Typical costs for copy typing range from $4-15 USD per typed page, where 350 words is a standard page length.


Factors that affect transcription costs

Not all kinds of audio is easy to transcribe, some takes more time than others. Here are some of the main reasons why transcription companies charge a higher rate for audio files:

  • Low audio quality; distorted, muffled, too quiet, a large number of speakers or speakers with accent, heavy background noises and several other factors that lowers the quality of audio files.
  • Extra requirements from clients, such as; timestamps, true verbatim transcription or special formatting
  • Rush turnaround times of 24 hours or less than that.
  • Specialized types of transcription – such as medical, legal, academic, technical, and financial – may cost more than general transcription projects as they require research of the field and the availability of professional transcriptionists.

Comparison of rates per audio minute of transcription companies


They have an efficient team of human transcriptionists that work diligently to ascertain 99% accuracy. They also offering corrections so if you are not satisfied with your transcript, they will review and re-review it until you are satisfied with the end result.


They offer human transcripts starting from 0.70$ per minute of audio. They charge additional if the audio you have provided is poor quality and contains background noise or speakers with accents.


Rev provides a range of different transcription services. It offers video transcriptions, audio transcriptions, translations, captions and subtitles for all kinds of audio and video files.

Although, Rev is not known to be the fastest transcription providers, they offer accurate transcriptions at very reasonable rates. It provides a few hours of turnaround time for easy transcripts. The unique feature of Rev is that they have human transcribers that use automated speech recognition so that you get the best of both worlds.


Rev charges 1.25$ per minute for human transcripts and 0.25$ for automated transcripts with 80% quality guarantee.


Scribie also offers human and manual transcription services and provides transcripts for all kinds of budgets. Scribie gives 99% quality assurance with 36 hours turnaround time provided by human transcriptionists. They also are very keen on their quality, so if in case you are not satisfied with the completed transcript they have provided. You can get a free review and corrections with a quick turnaround time of one day.


Scribie charges 0.80$ per minute for manual transcription and 0.10$ per minute for automated transcription. They charge an additional 0.50$ per minute if the audio you have provided has background noise, if the audio is unclear or if the speaker has an accent.

Otter offers automated transcriptions to their users at very affordable rates.  With Otter, you can transcribe audio instantly using and it’s a great service to use if you are looking to transcribe a live meeting or interview at the cheapest price. It uses powerful tools like the Ambient Voice Intelligence to ascertain their clients get the best transcripts for their files.

Rate: Otter offers two type of plans for individuals; the basic and the Pro plan. They offer 600 hours of free transcription for file duration of 40 minutes in their basic plan. For the Pro plan, they charge 8.99$ monthly and offers upto 6000 hours of transcription.


If you want to transcribe a file that has background noise, is low quality or many different speakers with accents, GoTranscript is what you should employ


GoTranscript provide transcripts at the affordable price of 0.86$ per minute of audio for every 5 days delivery project.


GMC Transcription

GMC transcription is another site that offers human and automated transcripts. They offer services of video transcriptions and Spanish transcription as well. They convert paper documents into electronic documents. Although their transcription quality is very high with zero to no error rate, they have much slower turnaround times.


GMR Transcription charges $1.25 per minute of audio but the rates increase based on the number of speakers, audio quality, and specified turnaround time.

Sr. No Transcription Providers Rates per audio minute of automated transcript Rate per audio minute of human transcript
1 Servixer 0.70$
2 GoTranscript 0.86$
3 Scribie  0.10$ 0.80$
4 GMR Transcription 1.25$
5 Rev 0.25$ 1.25$

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What is Corporate Transcription

Corporate transcription is the process of converting audio files into written form for companies across various domains. It means outsourcing routine corporate transactions and typically involves backroom transaction.

As organizations become more mobile and more global-minded, it’s becoming difficult for them to communicate effectively in the business world. So, it’s becoming more and more popular to record these meetings and transcribe them for later use in business documents and record. Corporate transcribing services covers an array of other services which include – Business transcription services, teleconference transcribing, convention transcription services and seminar transcription services.

Servixer is an important player in corporate transcription. We’re proud to provide comprehensive and accurate text transcription services to all large and small businesses. If you’re looking for someone who can work in nearly any language and can decipher nearly any accent, let Servixer handle your corporate transcriptions.

Quality Transcription Service is within your budget now
as Servixer is excited to offer this with unmatched affordability.


Some of corporate transcribing services provided by Servixer include:

We offer professional transcription services provided by corporate transcriptionists with their excellent language skills and familiarity with business terminology and excellence in the field. Some of the services provided by our corporate transcribers are;

  • Daily transcription of business meetings, seminars, presentations, conferences and other board room discussions.
  • Call transcripts of financial and earning.
  • Text transcription of audio and video recordings of interviews.
  • Shareholder board meetings, annual general meetings and other corporate activities.
  • Transcriptions of teleconferences.
  • Focus group transcription.
  • Text transcription of computer desktop and mobile descriptions.
  • Transcribing services for seminars.
  • Convention transcription services.

Industries that require Corporate and business transcription services:

Corporate transcription services are used across industries like healthcare, insurance, automotive company, airlines and involves transcribing sales calls, budgeting sessions, meetings, conference calls, seminars and analyst calls to name a few.

Reasons to choose Servixer

With meetings spanning so many time zones, it’s no longer feasible to have the office secretary take notes or dictations. That’s why you need a company that’s available 24/7. Below are four more reasons to go with Servixer for your corporate activities:



We have some of the best professional transcriptionists and experienced transcribers with all the necessary skills required for corporate transcripts. We guarantee 98% accuracy and 100% money back guarantee just in case you aren’t satisfied with our work. We charge very minimal for corporate transcription services and provide free extra services of corrections and revisions.


Corporate budgets can be tight. We understand that. Through the use of ultramodern technology, our human transcriptionists can work at prices far below those of our competition.

  • For clean verbatim transcribing service, we charge $0.70 per audio minute.
  • For Verbatim transcription, we charge $0.80 per audio minute.


Our format variety

We work in virtually every digital format of media including MP3, Wav Files, DAT, MPEG, WMV, and AVI.

Speedy Transcripts:

Our turnaround time is much faster than our competition as we assure that our human transcriptionists are provided with all facilities within a professional environment to guarantee speedy transcripts of excellent quality.

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Audio Transcription Services

Are you in search of some quality audio transcription services for your audio files? Do you need accurate transcripts in less turnaround time? If so, you have made it to the right place as we will tell you everything you need to know about audio transcription service providers that are available on the internet.

Transcription services allows you to simply convert speech into text. These transcripts can be used for video subtitles, captions, podcasts, a lot of interviews, conference meetings, court hearings, voice call recordings, personal voice memos and much more.

The best transcription services allow you to get your files transcribed in bulk and assures high quality transcripts with low error rate with easy readability.

Today we have mobile apps for transcription that makes the process so much easier. And although they do a great job at converting simple and clear audio files into text files, the same can’t be said for complex projects.

Transcription services replace dictation services and offers a third-party platform that uses artificial intelligence for speech recognition. However, many professional transcription services also include a manual review process to ensure accuracy and a high success rate with the transcription.

Quality Transcription Service is within your budget now
as Servixer is excited to offer this with unmatched affordability.


Types of Audio Transcription Services

There are two types of services provided by transcription services available online that you should be aware of to get the best transcription service for your audio files.

1. Automatic Transcription Service

Automatic transcriptions are created for audio using the powerful tools of artificial intelligence, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) that provides accurate transcripts with quicker turnaround time.

Although, the transcription speed for a completed transcript is much faster, this service only works for audio files or audio recordings of good quality. If you want a transcript for audio files with background noise or a large number of speakers and accents then automated transcribing isn’t a great option.

Automatic transcription is available at a low price but as they use artificial intelligence speech recognition service the completed transcript might be of poor quality containing many errors and would need to pass many corrections for the assurance of quality.


2. Manual Transcription Service

Artificial intelligence no matter how advanced, cannot beat human eyes and ears. Transcribing services provided by professional transcriptionists are a great option if you are looking to transcribe court sessions or police interviews as legal transcripts. Manual transcription although is a little costly than automated transcripts with comparatively slower turnaround time, this type of transcription guarantees 100% accurate transcripts with low error rate including all extras, phrases, sounds and what not., with easy readability.

With Human Transcription service you don’t have to worry about the audio you provided being of poor quality, background noise or number of speakers being a lot. They offer video transcription along with audio transcription.

Why use transcription services?

It’s no secret that transcription is a game-changer when it comes to making thing easier by converting your audio and video files into text, making sure all the important details are documented in a text transcript. It saves you time and energy and helps you work with efficiency.

Automated transcription has made it even easier, where you can get your files transcribe just with a few clicks. Automatic transcription service providers often provides mobile apps that basically work as a microphone and can provide live transcribing service for your person recordings. Of course, manual transcripts has comparatively longer turnaround times but where automatic transcription excels in time, manual transcription services excel in accurate text transcription. transcripts for complex projects. Human transcribers can cater to a wide range of audio and can provide good quality


Audio transcription services available online



Servixer offers the best transcription service when it comes to human transcribing service with very fast turnaround times for you audio files done by professional transcriptionists.

They have an efficient team that work diligently to ascertain a 99% accurate transcript. Servixer is one of the few online transcript services that offer corrections and reviews of compete projects.



Scribie provides human and manual transcription services for all budgets. Scribie is a great option if you need 99% quality assurance for your uploaded audio file with optional timestamps provided by human transcriptionists. They also are very keen on their quality, so if you are not satisfied with the completed transcript they have provided. You can get a free review and corrections with a quick turnaround time of one day.


When it comes to audio transcription, Rev provides a range of different services. Rev transcribes all kinds of audio files, irrespective of low audio quality, background noise, accents, speaker distinction and number of speakers, as it offers both automatic transcription and manual transcripts. Although, Rev is not known to be the fastest transcription providers, they offer accurate transcriptions at very reasonable rates.

Rev has automatic transcription software products which provides live captioning service for Zoom meetings and lives to make sure it is accessible to everyone. It provides foreign language captioning as well, so if you are looking to subject a wide range of audience to your videos then Rev is a better option for you.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is another site that offers human and automated transcripts. GMR Transcription offer services of video transcriptions and Spanish translation as well.  They offer accurate transcripts of high quality but their turnaround speeds are comparatively slower.


GoTranscript provides perfect transcripts to your audio files where the speakers have accents and supports over 48 different languages. If you want to transcribe a file that has background noise, is low quality or many different speakers with accents, GoTranscript is what you should employ.

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Best Transcription Services in US

If you are looking for the best transcription services in us and don’t know how to choose from the great variety of transcription services available online, read on because we’re going to tell all you need to know about the best online transcribing services available in the US today.

We know, how important transcribing audio into text file is. Audio transcription one of the most sought after transcription service in the U.S these days.

You might need a transcript of a recording of some type at one point or another. People need transcriptions for all types of audio files, from important phone calls, to recordings of a lot of interviews, podcasts, to lectures and lessons, zoom calls to court hearings and much more. Many of us rely on transcription to make the job easy for us and save us the time we might spend going throough audio files.

When if comes to audio transcription, automatic transcripts are created for audio files using powerful tools of transcription software, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with fast turnaround time to provide accurate transcripts.

Although, the transcription speed for a completed transcript is much faster but this service only works for audio files or audio recordings of high quality. This method sometimes includes extras that may not be free, such as timestamps and basic speaker identification such as names of a number of speakers.

Automatic transcription services are available at a low price and affordable rate as they use artificial intelligence speech recognition service for a completed transcript.

The process is simple; just upload files, such as an audio file, select your options, and add a payment method. Wait a bit, and the best of them generate very usable transcripts without the headache.

There is also the option of manual transcription using human transcriptionists. This method although is not available at a low price as that of automated transcription, it gives accurate transcripts with very low error rate and is a more professional method to apply. Human transcriptionist provide transcripts with slower turnaround time than that of automatic transcription but the process is performed in a professional setting under the supervision of professional transcriptionists and that makes it all the more perfect.

Quality Transcription Service is within your budget now
as Servixer is excited to offer this with unmatched affordability.


Factors to consider when employing a transcription service:

Here’s a quick overview of some factors you should be conscious about when you are choosing a transcription service providers to employ for your transcripts,

  1. Reputation of site/provider. While choosing a transcription service, you must check the reputation of the specific service provider. Are they credible and transparent with their service? Do they guarantee complete confidentiality, NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) and security of their customers and provide good customer service? This can be done by talking to their former clients and gathering important information about them from the internet.
  2. Another thing that you should be conscious about, is the cost of the service even if it is not your first concern and you’re not under a budget, which most of us are. You should opt for services that has affordable price rates and charges under 1$ per minute of audio transcript. Costs can quickly add up, and some services bill fees for extras such as a faster turnaround, for verbatim transcripts (including all the “ums” and “ahs”) or if the audio is of poor quality(containing background noise, accents, and a large number of speakers).
  3. Turnaround time. The service you choose for yourself should be able to provide you with a completed transcript in the amount of time you desire and cater to your deadlines. Many sites offer rush transcripts with faster turnaround time. Human services for transcription take quite a bit longer and you may have to pay more for faster turnaround times or rush transcripts.
  4. One of the most important factor you should be aware of is the level of accuracy or percentage of accurate transcripts the site assures to provide. The accuracy of human transcriptionists is much higher than automated transcripts. The reason is that human ears can easily defect the change of speakers better than a computer or software. If you are looking to get an audio file transcribed that contains a large number of speakers (complex transcript) then you should employ human services for your transcripts as automated methods only give good results for simple transcripts with minimal background noise.
  5. Edit and Revisions. No matter what service you choose, it is most likely that you would need to get some corrections and edits done in the complete text transcript. Some sites provides free revisions and corrections for their final document. They have an online editor to edit the text files to fix the quality of the transcripts to the customer’s satisfaction.
  6. Mobile apps and manual alternatives. Transcription service providers like GoTranscript, Otter, Rev, Trint, and Temi, iscribed also offer mobile apps, both android and iPhone apps, in addition to their web services. These mobile apps are a great option to transcribe your person recordings and files on the go. It allows you to view the text transcripts directly on your mobile device and acts as a digital voice recorder, microphone and audio player.

Best Transcription Services in US

Below we are going to provide you with a selection on transcription service provider available in the U.S and compare their price and error rates so that you can choose the best transcription service for your transcripts.

 1. Servixer

Professional transcription services provider based in the United States

Why you should employ this service:

  • S based Company
  • Competitive pricing
  • 99% accurate transcripts
  • Rush transcripts with quicker turnaround time


2. Scribie

Provides highly accurate transcripts with choice of plans

Why you should employ this service:

  • Provides both manual and automated transcripts
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Selection of plans

Why you should avoid this service:

  • Additional charges.

Scribie offers both human services and automated transcription services. Scribie offers 99% accuracy and a 36 hour turnaround time, as well as speaker tracking for the transcripts provided by human transcriptionists. Scribie claims 99% accuracy complete with proofreading, corrections and full confidentiality.

The prices scribie offers are for good quality files of American speakers. They charge an additionally for speakers with accent, a noisy background, or a poor audio quality file. The user simply uploads their file, chooses their plan, pay the fee, and the text in a Word file is returned within the expected time window.

For transcribing jobs that are less sensitive files and do not require such a high level of accuracy, there is also an automated service that is free. For automated service, you simply have to upload the file and they provide you with a final document in 30 minutes, expected time window with 80-85% accuracy rate.

 3. Rev

Automated and manual transcription service

Why you should employ this service:

  • 99% accuracy rate
  • Fast and speedy transcription service
  • Subtitling and captions

Why you should avoid this service:

  • You shouldn’t.

Rev provides audio and video transcription services, including captions, subtitles, and translations for all types of audio and video files.

Straightforward transcripts are completed in a few hours and has a high accuracy rate 99%. Rev also offers Captions and subtitles for video, and are FCC, ADA, and Section 508.

What also makes Rev stand out is that it manages to achieve one of the best balances between transcription speed and error rate. In terms of speed it’s relatively fast, rather than blindingly fast, but where it really comes up trumps is in its low error rate.

 4. GoTranscript

British company that provides quality text transcript services

Why you should empoly this service:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing and affordable rates

Why you should avoid this service:

  • Time difference

GoTranscript is a British company that offers accurate text transcript with competitive pricing and affordable rates.

One of the bigger advantages of choosing GoTranscript is that it can cater for the more complex projects you may need to handle where word accuracy can really suffer if the service isn’t capabele to handle it.

Additionally, the turnaround for GoTranscript is very high, GoTranscript provides the best service being the fastest service offering a complete, flawless transcript within 6-12 hours, which is comparatively faster than a lot of other companies.

The one drawback of GoTranscript is that sine it’s a Biritish Company, unless you’re based in Britain the fast turnaround may be muted by the time-difference, meaning that projects come later, in the afterhours.


Why you should avoid this service:

  • You really shouldn’t.

Servixer offers a range of different transcriptions services, including audio transcription and video transcription. The site specializes in verbatim transcripts that is provided by professional transcriptionists with a background in the legal field.

Servixer offers high quality, accurate text transcription with very low error rate, almost achieving 99% accuracy. Servixer transcription guarantees high quality, professional transcripts with quicker turnaround times at a comparatively cheaper rate.

The site does a great job at providing caption and subtitling for video transcripts for video content such as, Youtube video and video recording like diy video content. Servixer provides a complete searchable documentation with keywords, revisions and speaker identification.

The site offers to transcribe a wide range of audio files irrespective of audio quality, noisy backgrounds, and speakers with accents. They charge a little more for these extras but less comparatively to other human transcription services

best transcription services in us best transcription services in us best transcription services in us best transcription services in us best transcription services in us best transcription services in us best transcription services in us

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Conversational Analytics

Conversational Analytics, a term you might have witnessed being thrown around a lot when talking about business and marketing. It’s that key that helps businessmen and marketers get insight of their client’s needs and preferences thus grow their businesses in the process.

 What is Conversation Analytics?

Conversational analytics is called a Natural Language Processing (NLP)-driven analytics solution that incorporates AI/ML technologies to convert data into speech for verbal commands directed through voice chat-bots or voice assistants.

This voice data is structured for critical analysis of human speech through computational linguistics and data science methods and also for future purposes. Further, deep learning algorithms have aided conversational analytics to support multi-step complex queries by continually learning through experience from large voice datasets.

We know that might be too hard to understand so in simple words; Conversational Analytics is the evaluation of voice data from phone calls, voice assistant apps, and conversational platforms in order to gain insight on customer behavior. Of course, it can be used by an individual himself to gain personal insight of behavior by human conversations during phone calls, call recordings or voice recordings of an all-time listening mobile phone applications like Siri or voice bot like Alexa and even “Ok, Google!”

Quality Transcription Service is within your budget now
as Servixer is excited to offer this with unmatched affordability.


How does conversation analytics work?

Conversation analytics requires several moving parts so as to convert conversation into data. The first step begins with employing a conversation analytics software, which records call and does speech-to-text transcription. The indexing layers of the software sort the info so it becomes searchable by using search terms such as, adding keywords, specifying appointments, and customer experience from the calls. The decision reporting tool then presents search results, often in graphic form, so that business operators can derive meaning and deeper insight of the collected valuable data.

While this sounds labor-intensive, call transcription and scoring of a lot of data happens in real-time, which allows you to understand within minutes if a phone call may be a qualified lead. Companies are able to urge a response 400 times more likely by following up with a professional lead within the primary five minutes.


Importance of Conversational Analytics

We know that human speech is more pervasive than ever. In daily life, we use so many different apps and conversational platforms for the purpose of communication. Today in the US, more that 110 million people use a voice user interface every month on their phone, tablet, computer, or through a dedicated voice assistant with natural language understanding.

Millions more will buy devices or appliances with integrated voice assistants in the next five years. On top of this, the technology to detect and analyze human voice is growing increasingly sophisticated. Not only are these systems able to capture and measure basic vocal attributes, the use of artificial intelligence can help aggregate this information into specific KPIs that lead to customer behavior prediction.

The result will be a change in how we live our lives. Whether it’s a mobile device, voice assistant or wearable, it is a better way to monitor human speech conversations at all times and use that valuable data for a great number of benefits.

The control of human speech is much different than human expressions and the result is that it is more difficult to alter conversational experiences and there is more possibility for actionable insights to be drawn from voices in a conversation.

It’s more sincere and in many cases a far better indicator of emotions and caller behavior.


Conversational Analytics can be beneficial in several ways including:

  1. Professional Improvement. Those who want to do better at work can receive emotion and behavior reports on their call performance and see where and why their mood may have shifted.

For instance, one use case of conversational analytics can be that a person become better a salesman by understanding and gaining insight about their customers but also how they responded when a certain aspect of conversation was brought up

  1. Stress Management. An app can provide tips to help manage stress and fatigue when your voice spikes.
  2. Health Monitoring. Combined with other biometric data collected from wearable, conversational analytics can identify perceived stress, anxiety, or exhaustion in your voice and notify you if there is a concern.
  3. Relationship and Empathy Support. You can gain a greater sense of self-awareness in how you speak to your significant other, or in the way you treat those around you.

Imagine an app that signals you when your emotional charge shifts to negative, even if you didn’t realize it.

These benefits are also effectively valuable in business.


Conversational Analytics in Business

Businessmen receive a lot of data about campaign efficiency so they can understand and analyze conversions properly. Rather than wonder if the right keywords are optimized, they can perform a quick search to gain insight on customers’ needs.

By knowing what works through intent data, companies can spend their budget on strategies that demonstrate success while staying accountable to key stakeholders with graphics-rich reports of conversion rates, channel performance, sentiment analysis and other conversation-related metrics.

Staff can use call conversation data to recover from a missed opportunity. If analytics show that a potential customer was dissatisfied or received a mistaken impression after a phone call, someone can reach out to recapture the lead.

For management, conversation analytics makes every phone call transparent through an easy search utility and powerful, graphics-driven reporting. Managers can reward employees for successful outcomes, tweak campaigns that aren’t delivering ROI, or dive deep into customer sentiment and customers’ needs to better understand the preferences of their target audience and cultivate trust and better customer journey.

These analytics provide accurate, up-to-date answers to questions about lead quality, search keywords, customers’ needs, and customer experience. Over time, conversation analytics leads to smarter decision-making and a better experience on all sides.

People have been forthcoming in sharing their data as conversational analysis gain familiarity. Juniper Research estimated 8 million voice assistant-enabled devices will be in the market by 2023. Although location sharing, heart rate monitoring, and always-on listening devices has become a norm for customers but there still seems to be a constant unrest in customers when it comes to a device listening to all their conversations and analyzing their conversations.

Companies will need to be responsible and protect user data and keep it safe, if they want to retain their customers. Regulations will need to catch up and protect the user. The users must know their rights and obligations while companies should be able follow regulations and security protocols, and respect their customer sentiments.

Implemented correctly and at the right time, conversational analytics will allow companies and modern business gain a greater sense understanding of their customer preferences and works and what doesn’t work in customer service and sales. It will help individuals live better lives and become more self-aware of their interactions with those around them. It can leverage data in a safe and secure way while opening up a treasure trove of data insights.

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